FDA Approved for Osteoarthritis of the Hands

The Q1000 NG+ Laser: What System is Right For You? Osteoarthritis, Pain, Learning & Memory Or Vet/Pet Use!

Low Level Laser Therapy Works! 


How the Q1000 NG+ Laser works:

Light Amplication by Stimulated (Oscillation) Emission of Radiation or "Laser" has continued to bring out new changes in just about every medical and consumer field there is. "Why is Low Level Laser Therapy so effective and continues to show tremendous results thru research all over the world?" The answer is simple, LLLT works at the cellular and atomic level. It carries electrons back into the body, and it helps to Re-energize sick, injured, damaged cells and allows better permiability to take place once again...So what can LLLT do for you since it works at the cellular level? As we continue to do more research, to get more understanding of how to effectively use LLLT, we continue to understand that we have just begun to see the wonderful results that LLT can produce...LLLT and the Q1000 NG+ Laser System is truly Tomorrows's Health & Wellness Care Today....


What Is Your Health Plan?

What is it that keeps our Health in somewhat dismay? As we age, we have been trained to think that taking medications, surgeries, pain, lack of energy, lack of mobility, memory and vision loss, are all just the way it is and "normal." The TRUTH is we have given up responsiblity of our own health journey. Who is Responsible for our health and our families, our Doctors? Our Government? Our Insurance Companies? FACTS are that we are living longer, but not healthier, we are living sicker, longer! We have more disease, sickness, pain, and injury problems than ever, and we take more prescriptions and have more surgeries than ever, yet we seem to be unhealthier! The US is near the bottom in Longevity and Life Expectancy out of all the industrialized nations on Earth!

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